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Hindu Kush

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Anthony Stone


Anthony Stone has always loved a great story and is privileged to be able to share this work with everyone. Besides writing, Anthony is an avid photographer, likes to tinker with his 1980 Corvette and grow fruit for squirrels in Baltimore.

The voice and writing style are lyrical and lush and draw the reader into the story's world. The style transports the reader into a different realm and into the emotions and experiences of the characters.

comment from Judge, 11th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

This literary work orchestrates a symphony of separation, treachery, breached trust, and a sweeping adventure that transcends conventional genre boundaries, offering readers an experience that tantalizes the senses with its novelty.
This is one of the most emotional and heartbreaking books I've ever read. The most heartwarming. Somehow genre of its own, Educational, historical, autobiographical all wrapped up in a world of fiction, where characters don't feel fictional at all, you relate, you feel, and you absolutely sympathize.
Stone's storytelling is masterful, painting vivid landscapes and breathing life into the diverse cast of characters. His portrayal of Afghanistan, its culture, and the intricacy of its history is both authentic and immersive. 

"I must inquire whether there is a God as soon as the occasion presents itself. And if I find a God, I must also inquire whether He may be a deceiver for without a knowledge of these two truths, I do not see that I can be certain of anything."


Snowy Mountain Peaks

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